My story

Passion for Wood, Stone & Design

Covered balcony construction by B3KM EcoDesign, 2011

What can I do?

  • renovation
  • insulation
  • extension
  • doors
  • stairs
  • furniture
  • small electricity & plumbing jobs
Shaping a barn - natural light is distributed by roof windows and glass bricks

The beginning of B3KM EcoDesign

My love for woodworking made me start B3KM EcoDesign (pronounced: Bekkum ecodesign) in 2009.
The houses I grew up in were of contemporary interior design. My father taught me the skills of DIY, and was a great lover of design. When he saw that I shared this passion, he arranged a meeting for me with his friend, interior designer Benno Premsela. When Benno explained the profession, during lunch at his huge table (together with members of the national ballet!) i decided there and then that my future was in interior design and architecture. My grandfather was an architect, and my uncle still is.
But in the years that followed, the band i played with got famous, and i became a professional musician. This work left me lots of daytime for creativity and DIY. When i had to stop making music because of tinnitus in 2006, i moved to France with my family and started working for master carpenter M. Ladirat. He taught me the profession of roof carpentry and authentic renovation as well as the history of tools, materials and the region. In 2009 i combined all that with my environmentally conscious lifestyle and started B3KM EcoDesign.

Restoring and insulating a "lauze" (flatstone) roof
Genuine materials create a healthy environment.
Marc van Bekkum